Solar Plantation Inc is happy to celebrate the start-up of our 200KW solar project and our establishment in 420 Hwy 21 North, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

We would like to invite everybody interested to attend an Open House that will happen on October 25th from 1pm to 6pm at the Maple Creek site.

In the program:

  • Walk through the ground-mounted solar system;
  • System performance monitoring;
  • Construction video demonstration;
  • Solar financial analysis for variety of current solar programs in SK;
  • Questions and answers;
  • Light food and drinks to be served.

Our goals in organizing the open house are to have a good time and to share our experiences with the community.

If you cannot attend this Open House, you can look at the site video 200KW Solar Plantation in Maple Creek or request additional information about the project

To access the solar site, please turn East from Hwy 21 towards Maple Creek Motor Inn (motel) and follow the gravel road to the East past the motel. A sharp left turn in 150m from motel will lead you through chainlink fence double gates that will be open.

If you need help finding us or have any other questions about the event, please call Mikhail at (306) 661-7719.

Looking forward to seeing you in Maple Creek!


Maple Creek Solar - Open House by
Maple Creek Solar – Open Houses
Solar Plantation Inc, 420 Hwy 21 North,SK-S01 1N0
Starting on
October 25, 2019
Ending on
September 19, 2019
Open House for Solar Plantation Inc start-up of 200KW solar project and the company establishment at 420 Hwy 21 North, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
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