Contractor for solar pile testing, foundation design, pile-driving, racking and PV modules installation.

Solar Plantation offers the following services

Our team has been installing pile-driven solar piles in Western Canada since 2012. We offer the best installation speeds, the most cost-effective solar foundations and exceptional customer service. Contact us with your project details and we will assist you in meeting your budget and timeline targets.


To determine the embedment depth necessary for structural strength and stability a geotechnical analysis is required. Our geotechnical site assessment includes surfacial analysis, drilling boreholes for soil sampling, soil samples testing in a lab, conducting horizontal load tests, conducting vertical pullout tests and soil resistivity testing.

Pile driving

Driven piles foundations help to avoid costly and time consuming concrete and helical pile designs at those locations that are suitable for driven piles. Solar Plantations has special equipment and unique engineering solutions to minimize the risk of frost-heaving and to minimize the risk of the rejected piles during installation.


Our experienced team provides geotechnical and structural engineering. We analyze big picture and the entire design/execution process to optimize the system size, power production and the project budget. We developed unique engineering solutions and methodology for frost-heave mitigation that exceed Canadian Building Code requirements.

Racking installation

We offer racking assembly for a wide range of ground-mount projects, including agricultural, commercial and utility projects. Our racking installation crew typically follows the pile driving process to ensure seamless work flow and fastest installation times. The racking crew is experienced with different racking systems, which helps to improve the efficiency of the install and guarantees long-lasting result.


As the site assessment and engineering design are complete, we are often in the best position to specify and order the best racking system and piles for your site. We also maintain a min stock of extra piles. So if there are more pile rejections at the site than anticipates, then we can add more piles to the project with minimum impact on the project schedule.

Modules mounting

PV modules (or panels) mounting is a part of services offered by Solar Plantation. Subcontracting panels installation to us will help to reduce errors, to maximize the efficiency and get aesthetically pleasing PV system in the end. We ensure that all the manufacture and industry standards will be met. Our PV modules installation crew typically follows the racking assembly process to ensure seamless work flow and the fastest installation times.

Site layout

The accuracy of the site layout is very critical for successful execution of the project. Our team uses the latest technology to model inter-row shading based on 3D topography of the site. We can provide utilities locate, cost-effective surveying, including setting up pile embedment marks that will be used at the piling stage.

Commissioning and Inspection

Regardless of the project scope, we are very serious about commissioning of our work to ensure a smooth transfer to the next project installation processes that may be completed by other contractors. We also offer PV system inspection and preventive maintenance services, including site walk around, I-V curve tracing, and corrective maintenance for foundation problems.

Western Canada Solar Numbers

Installed Capacity, KW
2017 AB Solar
2017 SK Solar
2014 BC Solar
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