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Municipal solar systems installation in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan harvest by Crop Districts and Rural Municipalities

This year, Saskatchewan farmers have faced the effects of seasonal changes in fallout: an abnormally dry spring was replaced by a late cool summer, which has been followed by a wet and cold autumn. These weather conditions resulted in declining yields, crop quality and velocity of harvest. Because of that, producers of the province have harvested only 93 percent of the crop, weighing on farmers’ income and expenses for the…

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Maple Creek Solar – Open House

Solar Plantation Inc celebrated the start-up of our 200KW solar project and our establishment in 420 Hwy 21 North, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. If you could not attend the previous Open House on October 25th, you can look at the site video 200KW Solar Plantation in Maple Creek, request additional information about the solar project and an individual site visit at The previous Solar Open House program included: Walkthrough the…

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Saskatchewan solar

Saskatchewan Solar Rebate in 2019-2020

Did you already hear that the federal government offers up to 25% rebate on solar in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick? Would you like to understand how it works for you in Saskatchewan? The Climate Action Incentive Fund (CAIF) program is offered by the federal government based on Federal Carbon Pricing. The program covers the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick. In 2019-2020 $30 Million were allocated…

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Lateral and Axial Tests

Geotechnical and Pile Testing for Solar Foundations

Utility-scale and large commercial ground- mounted solar systems are becoming more common in Western Canada. One of the challenges solar projects developers are facing is the unknown of the ground conditions, resulting in the uncertainty in the foundation design and overall project costs. Let us walk you through what a proper testing program for a solar farm looks like. Upon selection of the land where development will occur, a Test…

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Community Solar Farm

Community Solar Projects in SK

SaskPower has developed a program for smaller investors who want to get involved in the green economy. The program is called the Small Power Producers Program. Solar Plantation has found a way to use this program for community owned solar, whereby community members can build a system up to a maximum size of 100 kW, connect it to the grid, and under an offered Power Purchase Agreement get paid for…

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Decommissioning of Solar PV Systems at the End of Life

World solar PV capacity in April 2017 grew to 306GWp. It is expected to rise further to 4,500 GW by 2050. While solar waste isn’t a critical concern yet, the number of panels now being installed on residential and commercial rooftops and in ground-mounted community- and utility-scale projects suggests that starting planning ahead today could prevent a plethora of problems over the next several decades. Given an average solar system…

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Schedule of coal phase-out

Alberta Electricity Market – An Avalanche of Costly Changes

Alberta government is implementing major changes to the deregulated energy-based electricity market. While benefits of those changes are yet to be determined in the future, independent electricity consultants have estimated some costs of those changes.   Based on Federal regulations Sundance 1&2, HR Milner and Battle River 3 coal-fired units will need to shut down in 2019. Combined they represent 859MW of coal-fired capacity that will come off of Alberta…

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Solar rebate covers a portion of installation costs for solar systems in Alberta

Alberta solar power system rebate leaves lots of questions open.

Recent Alberta announcement about residential and small commercial solar power projects support was quite short on details. The program is anticipated to cover up to 30% of the solar installation costs or 75 cents per watt of installed capacity for residential solar and 25% for commercial solar systems starting as of summer 2017. As Minister of Environment and Climate Change Shannon Phillips noted in the press-conference, solar projects will need…

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SaskPower – Lets Talk Solar Sessions, Net Metering and Small Power Producers program.

SaskPower is partnering with Dr. Brett Dolter to offer workshops in four communities across the sun belt of southern Saskatchewan. SaskPower would like your input on how to support solar power generation for residential, small and medium businesses and communities in Saskatchewan. Our team is planning to attend some of the sessions below. Sessions will be held from 8:15 am to 12:00pm in the following communities: • Estevan - February…

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Does driven piles pay-off on small-scale commercial installs?

By 2012 our team experienced installation of all types of solar foundations, including concrete piles, helical piles, cast-in-place concrete, pole mounts anchored to concrete, building concrete forms, ballasted systems. At some point, we learned the job of a concrete contractor so well, that I am sure we could be successful non-renewable industries as well. Neither of the above options provided us with a level of the satisfaction with respect to…

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